My thoughts on Michael Maguire:

Jazz covers a wide spectrum of music. Some of it is full of squawks and squeaks. Some of it is soothing. Some is exciting. Some performers cover a combination of all the above.
There are no squawks with Michael Maguire.
Michael is a musical craftsman in the best sense. While some of Jazz involves playing a melody and then improvising material than is seemingly unrelated, this is not so with Michael. He has spent years polishing each song. It is not years of repetition for Michael but a quest for finding the best interpretation. That might be a specific chord voicing for guitar or something that comes to him spontaneously during performance.
The end result for the audience is a very easy listening experience with a performer who is definitely engaged in every moment of the song.
In addition Michael sings with flare.
There is good reason why he is regularly featured at local venues. 

~John Price

Thank you Michael, I have had time this morning to really listen to your songs. You are a brilliant guitarist and singer. It is years since I have listened to those songs, I love them!...Your guitar sounds wonderful too, you must be so proud to have made it yourself....I wish you a great year, Sending you greetings from England....Sue Trickey

It can be said of Michael, he has a love affair with his music and his self-crafted 7 string guitar, to experience this affair, is to be transported to a happier place ... George, West Plains Bistro

Thanks! Beautiful Arrangements! I am a big fan of George Van Eps style! Cheers! ...Carlos C. Iafelice

Hey Michael, so sweet Chattanooga choo choo, amazing tune man, I love it. I hope we should meet for jam someday in Ontario before end 2009 I intend being there. Peace and much more guitar... R.Calvin

Never have I seen a talent like Michael's, applied with such ease, and a style, that is hard to describe, from a guy who is just up there havin' fun ... George, West Plains Bistro

Hello Michael,
Thanks for your great music and the add. Tasty and passionate playing.
Greetings from Germany! ... Eugène Gardyas

Hi Michael,  Love your playing. Chattanooga is great!
I hope to see you in Ontario one day. I'm playing solo show at Montreal Guitar Festival on 28th June. Best wishes from sunny Scotland ... Martin Taylor MBE

If one word could describe Michael's music it would be "believable". In his own song, "She is the Reason" you sense the tribute in his voice, the sincerity in his playing, and his incredible guitar talent, another word might be....."unbelievable." ... George, West Plains Bistro