Artist Bio

A Creative Individual Not Easily Ignored

Michael Maguire is not one to just sail through life on the path of least resistance.

Michael Maguire
When your aim is to make or discover something beautiful, there will be a time and place where you depart from the beaten path, and venture into new regions. In pursuit of his art, Michael Maguire has become familiar with the road less travelled, and it has made all the difference. 

Auditioning at age nine for two-bit violin lessons, Michael suffered rejection due to a dubious ear test delivered on a scratchy vinyl record. But Michael pressed on and began studying steel guitar. Later he switched to spanish guitar. and worked in various rock bands in his teens and early twenties. He knew there was more to music, and soon Michael's next step became evident.

One evening after a gig, band mate Paul Benton encouraged Michael to deepen his learning and start taking some more lessons.

Michael’s journey eventually led him to study harmony, composition and arranging with Gordon Delamont, whose books Modern Arranging Technique and Modern Harmonic Technique have been called the "holy grail" of modern musical theory. Finding new creative energy through his studies, Michael proudly published a film score for Cinron Productions under Gordon’s tutelage. Delamont also put Michael in touch with his friend Tony Bradan, an outstanding guitarist and teacher in the Toronto scene, who has been described as "the father of modern guitar styles in Canada." Bradan's students included Ed Bickert, Lorne Lofsky, Bobby Edwards and Kim Mitchell. After nine years of intense study with Bradan, Maguire had crafted the essential foundation of his unique chord-melody technique. 

Always the innovator, Michael consulted with his good friend and student Charles Tauber in the design and construction of his custom made seven string guitar. Michael brings this beautiful instrument with him to every performance.

Michael Maguire creates musical magic with every performance. Familiar melodies and jazz standards instantly become new creations under his fingers and through his voice. For the adept or casual listener, Maguire's music is pure delight.

Michael has recorded two CDs and has been heard on 91.1 Jazz FM.

"If you study with the best you will become like the best."